Steve Osminski - Senior Councilman

I will go to my grave saying, “the bow does not make the man.”I began bowhunting at the age of 12, and ever since that first outing; almost being run over by a doe and her twin fawns, nothing compares to the ultra close range requirement of the bow and arrow. I’ve shot just about every bow out there, but as I have matured and truly understood my place in this world I have come to fully appreciate the recurve and longbow. The stickbow connects you directly to your quarry; no mechanical advantages or extra gear, just your muscle power and coordination. It is very pure. It is very satisfying. As an engineer, I appreciate the compound bow and all my friends who use them ethically; I will go to my grave saying, “the bow does not make the man.”

My love for bowhunting has literally taken me around the world, and to 20 of our United States and 6 Canadian provinces. I’ve been fortunate to set foot in almost every terrain we have in North America from sea level rain forest hunting black bear to 13,000’ mountain tops hunting bighorn sheep; from the southern tip of Texas to the Arctic Circle. I’ve also been blessed to share many of these hunt with good friends; almost exclusively PBS members. I love bowhunting and the PBS, but none of that compares to my wife of almost 20 years and my teen age son and daughter.

My Council time has been a pleasure, not because it has been easy, but because it has allowed me to meet and interact with so many more PBS members.